Protective Fabrics - Fire-proof Fabrics - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Racing

Always faster, always at the limit but always perfectly protected !

With the equivalent of 50,000 outfits per year, SOFILETA Advanced Textiles is the world’s premier manufacturer of fire-proof fabrics for racing drivers and their teams of mechanics.

Motor-racing is a demanding sport, where every detail counts to gain THE thousandth of a second needed for victory. In this race for performance SOFILETA Advanced Textiles has firmly focused all its resources and expertise on providing racing drivers with professional, innovative solutions.

Our extensive experience in the field of motor racing, built up over the years through close collaboration with the key players in the racing world, has inspired our Skin4Road® brand, whose principal aim is the permanent improvement of performance, comfort and protection.

Skin4Road® by Sofileta, means :

Guaranteed top design

  • Lightness
  • Design
  • Lustre
  • Colour

Guaranteed protection and top-class technical performance

  • Thermal stress control
  • Protection against fire and heat
  • Resistance and integrity of materials

The best service for our customers

  • a comprehensive range of textile materials for inner layers, thermal barriers, outershells and accessories complying with both acknowledged standards in the world of motor-racing : FIA and SFI.

  • a range of treatments : Sofidry® for moisture management, Sofiguard® for the repulsion of hydrocarbons.

  • reliable products of consistently exemplary quality, guaranteed by continuous control throughout our manufacturing process.

  • close involvement in our customers’ stock management with production minimums adapted to their needs. Service stock available with open orders for delivery on request.

  • a vast range of colours meaning each outfit reflects the image of the team and sponsors.

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