Protective Fabrics - Police

Over the last few years, police force duties have been redefined to meet the security requirements of populations in ever-changing environments, faced with new threats, to the best of their ability.

SOFILETA Advanced Textiles has kept pace with these changes, proposing a vast range of improvements to the textiles traditionally used by police forces.

Two requirements must be met: improving the security of police forces and increasing the comfort of their outfits, ensuring they can complete their missions in the best possible conditions.

With its range of heat-stable fireproof woven fabrics, available in a range of weights, SOFILETA Advanced Textiles’ fabrics are now the principal basic textiles used in the assembly of these different outfits.

We provide a full range, from jerseys for underwear to knitted fabric for polo-shirts, woven fabrics for the uniforms of public forces or, more recently, laminated woven fabrics for windbreakers and jackets, ensuring they provide the best-possible waterproofing and breathability.

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