Protective Fabrics - Fire-proof Fabrics - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Industries

Through the integration of our plant and our mastery of every stage of the manufacturing process, in 2001 SOFILETA Advanced Textiles became one of the rare recipients of the NQP “Nomex® Quality Partner” Seal of Approval from the company Dupont™ de Nemours for the use of its Nomex® fibre.

The supply of the highest-performing fibres on the market combined with our technical textile expertise places us amongst the leaders on the professional personal protection market. Every industry which faces risks relating to chemical products, fire, heat or electric arcs uses our woven fabrics in the assembly of their protective clothes.

From Nomex® to aluminised Preox® carbon, not forgetting Modacrylic cotton or aramid viscose blends, our selection includes the full range of articles which save the lives of workers exposed to extreme conditions. SOFILETA Advanced Textiles is constantly on the lookout for and develops new ways of improving the comfort and protection of these workers.

In our extensive range, you’ll find knitted and woven products which will allow you to assemble every layer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), from underwear to face fabric.

Our short deadlines, minimums and large range of colours are adapted to ever-changing industrial needs.

Our products comply with the current standards in force:

EN 531, EN 533, EN 1149, EN 13034, EN 470 and ENV 50354.

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