Protective Fabrics - Fire-proof Fabrics - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Fire-Fighters

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More than 15 years experience and success in the development of comprehensive textile solutions for the protection of fire-fighters on every continent has provided SOFILETA Advanced Textiles with unique experience in this domain.

As fire fighting techniques, just like the climate, differ from country to country, we have developed solutions adapted to every situation and type of fire : Urban fires (EN469 or NFPA), Natural area fires (EN15614), Hydrocarbon fires, Airport fires… taking into account the specific climatic differences throughout the globe ; from Scandinavia to the Middle-East, including the temperate European regions.

By combining this expertise with our fully-integrated production and the proven quality of our products and services, in 2001 SOFILETA Advanced Textiles became one of the rare recipients of the NQP “Nomex® Quality Partner” Seal of Approval from the company Dupont™ de Nemours for the use of its Nomex® fibre.

As thermal protection alone is not enough and thermal stress control is also vital in ensuring safety, SOFILETA Advanced Textiles has spent years developing a specific multi-layered “Moisture management” approach.

Our comprehensive multi-layered, layerable solutions – underwear, clothing to be worn on a permanent basis and fire-entry suits – are designed from the very start to take into account both physiological constraints and ergonomics and to also reduce thermal stress issues as much as possible.

Discover the full range and our latest comfort solutions:

  • Woven fabrics for underwear, polo shirts, hoods, fleeces, softshells
  • Woven fabrics to be worn on a permanent basis
  • Multi-layered solutions : lining, thermal lining, breathable/waterproof barrier membrane, outershell.
  • Accessories

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