SOFILETA Fashion, a century of know-how and an integrated industrial structure put to the use of the world of fashion.
Combining creativity, reactivity and quality, SOFILETA Fashion has won trust of major players in the world of fashion.
The SOFILETA Fashion Quality Control and R&D departments collaborate in the design of tailor-made products which are perfectly adapted to the various sectors of the fashion market.

Women’s prêt-à-porter

Positioned on the middle and upper segment of the market, SOFILETA Fashion offers a structured collection of stretch slay and pick products as well as both plain and fantasy woven fabrics based on synthetic materials or cotton blends.

Through its numerous weaving options (piqué, scrim, herringbone …), as well as a large range of finishes (coating, napping, beating, fluting, sanding…) combined with the subtlety of its colours and special dyes, SOFILETA Fashion can provide countless combinations to ensure you find the product you’re after.

What are you looking for ?

How about volume, fluidity, lightness or weight ?

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SOFILETA Fashion offers a full range of high-performance products with a range of weights and finishes, combining classicism and innovation.

This collection includes synthetic products which are most often rigid and are given a specific coating or laminated with hydrophilic or micro-porous films, making it possible to combine visual effect, appearance, comfort and technicality.

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On a demanding market which requires technicality, reliability and sensitivity, SOFILETA Fashion proposes working closely with its customers on the design of top-of-the-range, exclusive products.

SOFILETA Fashion can offer you high-performance, double-sided combinations on a variety of bases (polyester, polyamide, cotton blends, silk…).

SOFILETA Fashion also provides an integrated quality-control department in fully-fitted and certified laboratories, allowing the systematic control of our production.

We also provide an efficient logistical service, meaning we can therefore offer you the possibility of having your customised products delivered anywhere in the world, completely hassle-free.