Passionate about horse-riding, over the years we have come to understand the need to develop a range of top-class products meeting riders’ most demanding requirements.
SOFILETA Activewear is working to promote its Eques® brand, providing quality, comfort and performance for riders everywhere.

Given both dress-code requirements and the need for rider comfort, SOFILETA Activewear has put all its technical woven fabric expertise to use to design top-of-the-range products perfectly adapted to riders’ needs.

Our components, which are 100% made in France, make it possible to assemble trousers, jackets and baselayers which seamlessly combine elegance and technical performance.



SOFILETA Activewear benefits from extensive experience in the field of stretch materials.

Through its own experience and its desire to meet riders’ expectations as best it can, the SOFILETA Activewear design team has developed a range of woven fabrics intended for riding trousers : the Eques® range.

Eques® by Sofileta components guarantee exceptional elasticity for optimal rider comfort.

The secret of Eques® by Sofileta components is the combination of both the elasticity of a top stretch woven fabric and perfect-adjusted liveliness ensuring the riding breaches offer excellent support.

We have also developed the touch and surface aspects of our products to reduce rubbing and increase comfort when worn.

Moisture Management

Combined with cotton or on its own, the polyamide microfibre in SOFILETA Activewear’s woven fabrics provide breathability and rapid drying.

It also ensures the breaches last longer as the fabric is far more resistant to rubbing.



SOFILETA Activewear’s expertise in the development and use of fabric which protects against poor weather was opened up to the horse-riding world through the development of adapted products.

Both extremely flexible and comfortable due to the use of stretch materials, these products nonetheless remain highly competitive, waterproof and breathable.

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The Eques® Softshell range by SOFILETA Activewear

Initially developed for mountain sports, our Softshell clothing has since attracted devotees from a wide range of further activities. Our Eques® Softshell provide numerous advantages for riders :

  • high level of comfort through its stretch qualities
  • wind-breaking
  • breathable
  • thermal, providing protection from the cold

SOFILETA Activewear’s technology makes it possible to obtain very soft handles through the use of a specific lamination process.

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In addition to our collection, we develop tailor-made Softshell fabrics to meet your needs.

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Riders making intense physical efforts need competitive “1st layer” clothes. SOFILETA Activewear offers a range of breathable woven fabrics.

Moisture Management

By combining very fine microfibres with a hydrophilic treatment, the woven fabric can evacuate sweat. It is instantaneously absorbed then distributed by capillary action to allow rapid drying.

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We have developed a process which provides our woven textiles with bacteriostatic properties. The development of bacteria in the sweat, which causes bad smells, is blocked, meaning greater comfort and freshness.

The SOFILETA Activewear treatment is wash-resistant and completely hypoallergenic.

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