The design and production of textile components for sport have long been part of SOFILETA Activewear’s work. Through the experience and energy of its team, a full range of innovative, high-performance products is proposed every season.

A "Tailor-made" policy

Since each sporting activity requires adapted clothing, SOFILETA Activewear creates specific woven fabrics. SOFILETA Activewear designs and develops each of its products depending on its final use, which determines the required characteristics.

SOFILETA Activewear provides specific solutions for mountain sports, fitness, running, cycling, golf, tennis and horse-riding.

Through its wide but targeted range, SOFILETA Activewear has established itself as a partner of reference for the biggest international brands, including NIKE, POLO RLX, PEAK PERFORMANCE and SCOTT.

A wide range of functionnal products

SOFILETA Activewear does its utmost to provide sportsmen and women with the highest-possible level of comfort and performance. Designed to smoothly follow your movements, SOFILETA Activewear’s woven fabrics also include a number of features, such as sweat evacuation during periods of intense effort or protection from difficult climatic conditions.

Advanced Moisture Management

A large number of microfibres are incorporated into SOFILETA Activewear products.

Combined with a specific hydrophilic treatment, these microfibres instantly absorb sweat, which is then spread by capillary action to allow rapid drying.

SOFILETA Activewear also proposes a range of bacteriostatic, anti-odour solutions. Sofileta Activewear’s solutions are resistant to household washing as well as being perfectly hypoallergenic.

Stretch Know-how

SOFILETA Activewear offers a wide range of stretch products with varied features. The degree of elasticity can vary greatly, ranging from comfortable elasticity to strong compression.

If the stretchability of fabrics has been known to increase freedom of movement for many years, it has only more recently been demonstrated that compressing the muscles most in demand improved their performance.

The SOFILETA Activewear team has designed and developed a range of specific bi-stretch high-modulus products which support the muscles, reducing their vibration, encouraging blood flow and limiting the formation of lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness.

Softshell Fabrics by SOFILETA Activewear

Protective clothing which is both flexible and stretch, the softshell is used for outdoor sporting activities.

The SOFILETA Activewear Softshell range is both highly functional and aesthetically creative, featuring double-sided effects and innovative use of materials.

Over winter, the products offer adequate thermal protection and in the summertime they are light and provide protection from the wind.

For extreme conditions, SOFILETA Activewear has developed a full range of waterproof, highly-breathable products, through the use of a specific combining technique and the addition of a high-performance membrane.

As well as its standard range, SOFILETA Activewear creates tailor-made Softshell products, adapted to your needs.

SOFILETA Activewear at the service of its customers

SOFILETA Activewear combines its full range of expertise with the very latest manufacturing technology to design clothing which is more comfortable and high-performing.

Body Mapping

In-depth studies of the bodies of sportsmen and women have revealed zones which sweat more or less than others and muscle groups which show similar variation. It was therefore possible to draw up detailed effort maps. These are now used to develop clothing which is perfectly adapted to its intended use, taking into account these specific physiological features.

SOFILETA Activewear offers specific products to its customers ; each product provides characteristics adapted to a specific climatic zone of the body. Multi-fibre clothing designed in this way offers wearers the highest possible level of comfort.

SOFILETA Activewear’s customers benefit from its extensive expertise in component design.


Stitching can cause the wearer discomfort, or cause irritation through rubbing. Certain zones of the body are particularly sensitive: the first layer of clothing must act as a second skin.

SOFILETA Activewear works closely with the most advanced manufacturers in the welded-clothing market. We have notably developed a range of very fine stretch materials, limiting friction as much as possible.

SOFILETA Activewear' markets:


Running & Fitness

Fitness, gymnastics, athletic dance, yoga or running, SOFILETA Activewear offers a range of products adapted to the specific needs of each and every activity.

Skiwear & Outdoor

Those who take part in mountain sports are subjected to the harshest climatic conditions. Whether skiing at –25°C or trekking in the Moroccan Atlas mountains, it is vital to choose adapted clothing.
SOFILETA Activewear offers a comprehensive range, providing a system of clothing which offers protection, performance and comfort. This system includes 3 layers.


Cycling is a demanding sport which requires intense efforts. Clothing must be perfectly adapted to the activity – whether it be road or mountain-biking – as well as the climatic conditions. SOFILETA Activewear offers a range of products to meet these needs.


Golf & Tennis

Whether as a pastime or in competition, golf and tennis are sports which present specific clothing requirements. SOFILETA Activewear offers a range of specific products.
We gave three priorities to the SOFILETA Activewear design team : style, comfort and performance.

Equestrian sports Eques®

Passionate about horse-riding, over the years we have come to understand the need to develop a range of top-class products meeting riders’ most demanding requirements.
SOFILETA Activewear is working to promote its Eques® brand, providing quality, comfort and performance for riders everywhere.