Technical Textiles – Clothing & Industry

SOFILETA is part of a family-run industrial Group specialised in the design and production of technical textile components. SOFILETA is now present on a wide range of markets. For each market, SOFILETA has developed a specific range which meets customers' requirements and which SOFILETA technically master.

To ensure a high quality of service, SOFILETA's organisation is split into 3 Business Units (B.U):

SOFILETA Advanced Textiles is the market leader in intrinsically flame-resistant textiles and protective fabrics against heat. SOFILETA Advanced Textiles has developed a high level of expertise in the manufacture of woven and knitted technical fabrics intended for the personal protection of those facing dangerous conditions.

Once the clothes are assembled by SOFILETA Advanced Textiles' customers, SOFILETA Advanced Textiles' fabrics are worn by those working in dangerous industries: this includes fire-fighters, numerous police forces and army corps.

SOFILETA Advanced Materials develops technical materials and smart fabrics for markets as varied as aeronautics, the automobile industry or the medical sector.

The products we develop provide exceptional levels of technical performance to meet the demanding specifications of our customers. SOFILETA Advanced Materials can count on a modern industrial plant and a rigorous Quality-Control Department to ensure the long-term production of reliable components.

SOFILETA Activewear - Bodywear - Fashion, benefiting from all the Group’s experience, is specialised in technical fabrics for both the clothing of sportsmen and women and the world of fashion.

For sports as varied as fitness, running, skiing, golf, horse riding or swimming, we offer different ranges of products which specifically meet the needs of each sport. Depending on their use, our stretch and woven products feature different designs and adapted degrees of elasticity. We also offer a wide range of features in terms of, for example, resistance, water-proofing, breathability or thermal flow management.

As for fashion, our technical and design teams dedicate a great deal of time to the creation of varied, highly-fashionable collections.