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Q3+ Policy

SOFILETA is a highly diversified group given both the number of markets it is involved in and the richness of its industrial technologies but all SOFILETA’s teams have the same vocation : to always be there to listen to their customers, whatever the circumstances.

For nearly a century now SOFILETA has constantly benefited from the experience of its customers. Feedback from professionals, men and women in the field, allows us to grow.

We share the strongly-held belief that a company always reflects its customers.

In return, we are proud of our customers and their confidence. We strive to offer the best of ourselves, whatever the circumstances.

To ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, we constantly strive to improve our products and services. This is what we call our Q3+ policy.

The Q3+ policy is based on 3 tangible elements: a quality charter, pro-active organisation and solid investment in sustainable development.